Hey, I'm Bryan Angelo

Hey, I'm Bryan Angelo

Business Owner. Consultant. Investor. Amateur Wine Enthusiast.

Currently the head of marketing at T. Edward Wines and Spirits. Managing member at Three North. I primarily focus on the B2B, CPG, and the beverage alcohol space.


| What I Do

🧭 Strategy

I help teams and founders build a defined and competitive market strategy to achieve sustainable consumer and business growth.

🎯Consumer Engagement

I have an extensive background in consumer audience building and targeting, helping brands identify and engage new and existing customers.

🦾 Brand Development

By combining strategy, brand design systems and foundational best practices, I help teams discover their brand's unique DNA, values, and story.

πŸš€ Go-to-Market Strategy

I create lean, highly effective GTM strategies that reduce time to market, increase adoption, maximize exposure and ultimately drive a successful launch.

πŸ“Š Insights & Analytics

Through data analysis, I help identify and deliver a deeper understanding of customers and actions that reveal insights into how it can improve business decision making.

πŸ’Έ Angel Investing

My passion for startups and new businesses goes beyond the work we do along side them. I continue to invest in new, early-stage businesses like Bridge and co-invest alongside The Angel Group in businesses like Bubble and Chubby Snacks.

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